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Uncrowded Safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park

More than Mountain Gorillas

Situated where the rolling savannahs of East Africa meet the entangled jungles of central Africa, Uganda offers diversity of scenery and habitat unlike anywhere else on the continent. On a safari to Uganda you will be able to explore the rolling grassy plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park one day, and track primates through lush rainforest in the mountains the next.

Uganda is one of the most contrastingly scenic countries in the world, home to glaciers and mountains higher than the Alps, rugged rainforest teeming with primates and birdlife, as well as lowland savannah areas dotted with waterfalls and big game.

It certainly packs a punch for beauty and adventure, but what you may not know is that Uganda is also home to impressive populations of big game. A traditional savannah safari experience combines perfectly with gorilla trekking in the wonderful safari destination of Uganda.

Robert Marks Safaris_Big Game Viewing at Queen Elizabeth's National Park
Big Game Viewing at Queen Elizabeth’s National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park: Uganda’s Big Game Country

Uganda is a paradise for primates – home to a multitude of species, including chimpanzees, golden monkeys and mountain gorillas. With most of the attention focused on the gorillas, it’s easy for Uganda’s other wildlife to be overlooked.

North of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest lies Queen Elizabeth National Park, named after the British monarch. The park encompasses swaying savannah grasslands, two large lakes and the scenic Kazinga Channel – ideal for relaxing cruises to see the impressive birdlife and wildlife in the region.

Queen Elizabeth National Park boasts 4 of the Big 5, with ever-growing populations of elephant, lion, leopard and huge herds of buffalo.

The park is one of the few places in the world where you can see the now famous tree-climbing lions, the world’s highest concentration of hippos and over 600 species of birds. Commonly spotted antelope species also include the graceful bushbuck, topi and waterbuck.

Robert Marks Safari_Game Viewing
Game Viewing at Queen Elizabeth National Park

What to expect on a safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park

In comparison to its neighbours, Uganda sees fairly low numbers of tourists – most of which head straight to the western border to the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, home to over half the world’s remaining wild mountain gorillas.

Although Queen Elizabeth National Park does not match the game densities of the likes of the Serengeti or Kruger, the park boasts a fraction of the tourists which often ruin the safari experience for first-timers and the well-travelled.

The birding in Uganda is impeccable and a sighting of a lion or leopard is a precious moment to be treasured with a handful of other people, rather than a spectacle in a zoo-like environment surrounded by other vehicles.

You can explore the wildlife of Queen Elizabeth National Park on leisurely boat cruises or in open safari vehicles and you will very rarely come into contact with other tourists. We’d recommend a trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park to those looking for an uncrowded safari, away from the crowds of Kenya and Tanzania.

Robert Marks Safari_Queen Elizabeth National Park

The Best Time to Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park

Because of its position near the Equator, Uganda can be visited all year-round. The hottest period is from December to February and the wettest month of the year is April. The best time to see birdlife at Queen Elizabeth National Park is during the wet season, but the best time to combine a gorilla trekking expedition is during the dry season.

Several international flights land at Entebbe, near the capital city of Kampala and a network of domestic light aircrafts provide access to airstrips adjacent to most major parks. Queen Elizabeth

National Park can also be reached via road – about a 5-6 hour drive from Kampala.

Interested in an uncrowded safari in Uganda’s best national parks? Get in contact with our Uganda travel experts and we’ll help you plan the ideal fuss-free holiday.

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