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Best time to safari in Botswana

Botswana is a country blessed with bountiful game, some of the most diverse countryside in Africa and an enlightened tourism policy that has kept large crowds at bay. The best time to safari to Botswana depends largely on the kinds of experiences you hope to get from your trip. We count Botswana as one Africa’s top experience for visitors to the continent. Here’s our advice to get the most out of your Botswana safari.


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The Best Time to Safari in Botswana for the Big 5

Botswana is one of Africa’s great big game destinations with more than 17% of the country devoted to protecting wildlife. The best time to immerse yourself in this and safari in Botswana to see the Big 5 is during the drier season from July to October.

Although the floodwaters in the Okavango rise at this time of year – the winter months  themselves see very little to no rainfall, and the land in general starts to dry up and become a harsher environment through large parts of the country. This means that game is increasingly easy to see in the sparse vegetation, and can often be found at remaining water sources in the parks, as it is drawn in both locally and from areas further afield.


Robert Marks Safari_Drinking Yellow Bill

The Best Time to Safari in Botswana for Birdwatching

Botswana is one of Africa’s top birding destinations, thanks to its wide range of landscapes, from desert to delta. The best time to safari in Botswana for birdwatching is during the summer months when migrants have arrived.

Botswana, and in particular the Okavango Delta, is the greatest stronghold in Africa for wattled cranes and slaty egrets. Other rare species to look out for include white-backed night heron, Pel’s fishing owl and the African skimmer.


Robert Marks Safari_Mokoro Sunset

The Best Time To Safari in Botswana’s Okavango Delta

The evergreen emerald in Botswana’s safari crown, the Okavango Delta is at the heart of the country’s top game reserves. The best time to safari in Botswana to experience the Okavango is between June and August for the high-water season, and toward September and October for huge game populations, when the water of the floodplains draws wildlife in from surrounding areas, increasing local wildlife populations.

If boating and mokoro safaris are high on your to-do list, visit in the high-water season for the best opportunities. Many animals will have already moved to the Delta at this time as the surrounds start to dry up, meaning great game viewing in the mosquito-free cool climate.

Still unsure of the best time to safari in Botswana for your trip preferences? Get in touch with our friendly and helpful Botswana travel experts and we’ll work together to give you’re the best safari experience possible.

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