The Best Safaris in Tanzania, by Our Safari Experts

Tanzania is famous for the Great Migration, when hundreds of thousands of wildebeest head off in search of new grazing lands and water.

When travelling to this exciting land, many  of our guests are out to experience the best safari in Tanzania. So where do we find that? What should we be considering, and where are the hidden gems that truly offer the very best? Safaris in Tanzania are unique and exciting at any time, but there is nothing more disappointing than your trip of a lifetime being spoilt by a poor nights sleep or an average meal.

Many of our top choices for accommodation in Tanzania are chosen from the Singita luxury lodge and camp collection – we think their experience and style brings something wholly unique to this region. In this article, we compare a few of these Singita lodges to each other as well as to a couple of others to finally find out where to check yourself in for the best safari in Tanzania.

The majority of Singita lodges are located in a private game reserve adjoining the Serengeti National Park, called Grumeti Game Reserve. This reserve offers much of the natural beauty and wildlife experience of the greater Serengeti region, but without the sometimes crowded roads and sightings within the park, thus offering a sophisticated, intimate travel experience.  Starting with camps and lodges in the Grumeti, we like:


Singita Explorer’s Mobile Tented Camp

A luxury tent at Singita Explorer’s Mobile Tented Camp.

If you are looking for a historic adventure, Singita Explorer’s Mobile Tented Camp is one of the best safaris in Tanzania that offers a mobile tented experience. This mobile camp moves with the grazing herds, so that you can have the ultimate wildlife experience and immerse yourself the great wildebeest migration. Explorer’s Camp is far from pop-up dishevelled tents; it has been curated out of leather, canvas and steel to highlight its old-fashioned safari roots with a stylishly luxurious twist. For those looking for a  wild safari and an uber-chic experience, check in here!

Find out more about Singita Explorer’s Mobile Tented Camp


Singita Faru Faru

Experience the stunning nature surround you at Singita Faru Faru.

Singita Faru Faru is the perfect lodge for both families and couples who are looking for the best safari in Tanzania and are after a comfortable, lodge-based experience. With sweeping views from the banks of this authentic lodge, this is the perfect location to soak to scenery form the poolside whilst viewing the abundant wildlife in the area. This lodge can be visited all-year round, and it is especially popular during the summer months when the great migration passes through the area. Not many camps can be visited throughout the year, so Singita Faru Faru is a good option for out-of-season holiday adventures.

Click to see Singita Faru Faru


Singita Mara River Tented Camp

Bohemian styled tents at Singita Mara River Tented Camp.

Consider this modern, fresh and yet bohemian chic tented camp located within Serengeti National Park. This camp has everything to offer from panoramic views to easily accessible river crossing sightings, making it one of the best safari camps in Tanzania, and certainly one of the best in the Serengeti. This Tented camp is slightly different to the other styles that Singita have in Tanzania – it is a little more modern, with a light, refined African ambience contrasting its wild location.

View more images of Singita Mara River Tented Camp

Singita Sabora Tented Camp

Perisa meets South Africa at Singita Sabora Tented Camp.

Meet Singita Sabora Tented Camp,  a 1920’s styled African explorer camp where true-definition colonial comes to the African bush. Together with intimate wildlife experiences, Singita Sabora brings you not only a holistic healing spa, but also an exclusive wine cellar that beats any other in the area, clearly setting it amongst the best. Safaris in Tanzania are about tradition, exploration and experience, ending end your day with a personalised wine tasting session is an impressive addition to the days activities.

Take a look at Singita Sabora Tented Camp

Singita Sasakwa

A romantic dinner lit by lanterns at Singita Sasakwa.

Singita Sasakwa is the best safari lodge in Tanzania for those looking for an exclusive, intimate holiday experience. With private individual houses – each with its own infinity pool – it is embodies and on old-world elegance, with a dash of modern throughout. Singita Sasakwa has a relaxing feel about it, and its exclusive hire concept and subtle sense of grandeur put it amongst the best safaris in Tanzania for small groups or multi-generational family holidays. It’s understated, it’s elegant, and it’s all yours!

Start planning a trip to Singita Sasakwa


Moving on from The Serengeti

The best safaris in Tanzania are certainly not completed only within the Serengeti – if you’re looking for a good add-on on the northern circuit, head to Lake Manyara or Ngorongoro, and think about the camps below:

Little Chem Chem

Discover the warming fire each evening at Little Chem Chem.

Little Chem Chem is one of the top luxury boutique safari lodges in Tanzania, located on a private concession just outside the Lake Manyara National Park. This 5-star tented accommodation should be a part of the best safari in Tanzania. On the edge of an acacia forest and with a stunning viewing point – Eagle Nest Viewing Tower – guests have the opportunity to survey the surrounding areas and watch the sun set over the incredible landscapes. This well-decorated little haven that is managed by some very welcoming hosts is the perfect place to stay for a relaxing safari with a loved one. 

Explore Little Chem Chem


Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

Dine in the privacy of your tree-house out on the deck under the stars.

Ernest Hemmingway described Lake Manyara as “The loveliest lake in Africa” and this is certainly true. Massive pink flocks of flamingoes come to Lake Manyara to feed, it is one of the great natural spectacles for bird lovers on the planet to be a part of.

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is rustic yet elegant with stilted tree-house suites built nestled amongst the boroughs of an ancient mahogany forest. Due to the lodge’s remote position within the park, you will get to experience a private, jungle surrounding and some of the rare tree climbing lions or its large herds of elephant that are often seen near this lodge.  It is a bird-watchers paradise with over four hundred different species of bird in the surrounding area. What more could you ask for?

Keys to planning the best safari in Tanzania:

Crater Green Deep Blue Sky - iStock Nok 6716.jpg
The magnificent Ngorongoro Crater.


When you’re trying to plan the best safari you can in Tanzania, it pays to keep the following in mind:

  • Pick a few areas to visit, and stick to those. It can be overwhelming to try to see too much in a single trip.
  • Decide what it is you’re looking to experience, and then chat to a travel specialist who knows the area to make sure that you find those experiences. The best safaris are those that are planned on experiences, not on information.
  • Pick the right camps or lodges: Make sure that if you are going for the migration you are booked into the right camp at the right time –  migration means move, so animals will move freely across a vast area and do so at a different pace each year, depending on their surroundings.
  • When you are booking a safari in Tanzania, think about the crowds – sometimes saving a little on accommodation might mean being surrounded by lots of other  tourists, and not relaxing as much as you’d hoped to.
  • For the best safaris in Tanzania, its important to make the most of your time – do something different while you’re out there: go on a morning hot air balloon ride, go horse riding across hilly landscapes, take a night game drive or an evening wine tasting. What ever it is that grabs you, add a bit of sparkle into your trip to get the most out of it.


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