A monkey’s wedding

It starts on the breeze. A crispness, slightly sweet, tangible and light.

Deep blue skies are a perfect contrast to the lemony leaves and the soft yellows of the dry african grass. Everything glows.

robert mark safaris

Animals make the best weathermen.

As the storms brew antelope and buffalo lie down, some to keep warm, others to keep their patch of grass dry.

In a grand gesture the skies break open in a drum roll of sound and light, cracking through the lands like a whip.

robert mark safaris

Water, life, showers down, flooding the crusty plains, washing away the dust, the thirst, the parched air.

Then, just as suddenly, light bursts through the clouds and the falling rains are cleansed by the sparkling beams of the sun.

robert mark safaris, african rain

This is a time to celebrate in Africa.

The freshness in the air, the smell of the rains and the warmness of the sun shining through the storm can only mean one thing…

robert mark safaris, african rain, monkeys wedding

The monkeys are having a wedding!